Don’t be fooled again


To the Editor:
The overwhelming yes vote for the Tisbury School at Sunday’s meeting is only a first step in the right direction. The opposition either didn’t want to stand up, or decided not to show up. In 2018, a group of about 13 prominent Tisbury residents strategically posted a letter just days prior to ballot voting day, and left us, the Tisbury building committee, no time to post a rebuttal before voting day. That group stated that they had a plan that not only saved the building but also reduced the cost of renovation/addition by many millions. The school lost by 21 votes after winning big at the town meeting.

During an early fall 2018 select board meeting at Katharine Cornell Theater, I personally handed out copies of that group’s letter — some of the signers were in attendance — and I requested that they share their plan with all of us. Guess what? They had no plan; it was just an idea. Fast-forward to the present situation, same old song, same empty plans, and some of the same people. Voters, if you were fooled in 2018, please don’t get fooled again.

To the voices who want to postpone the building project once again, because they believe we should wait and build a regional junior high, I say that that’s like waiting for Godot. Many Island residents have forgotten that until 1975, all up-Island sixth to eighth graders attended our Tisbury School. That’s why the new West Tisbury School was built on County Road. I can’t remember when the new Oak Bluffs School was built. Most likely around 1980? The new Edgartown School, after several renovations and additions to the old building, was completed around 2003. Have the proponents of a regional junior high had any conversations with the powers that be in West Tisbury, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown?

To the MV Times editor, I say, no the sky is not going to fall down upon us, but the Tisbury School IS already crumbling down. We cannot keep postponing. Please vote YES for the Tisbury School on either June 17 or June 22. Thank you.


Wiet Bacheller

Vineyard Haven


Bacheller is a member of the prior Tisbury School building committee, and a former teacher at the Tisbury School from 1976 till 2004.  –Ed.