Overjoyed after adopting kitties


To the Editor:

In mid-January, our wonderful kitty, just months from his 21st birthday, headed off to join his shelter stepbrother, who had set off on his own next adventure six years before. For the first time in decades, we found ourselves living in a human-only household. It felt so wrong. In an attempt to set our lives back on track, we quickly sought to find a shelter cat or cats to share our lives with.

What an odyssey! 

The hurdles seemed almost insurmountable. It looked as though we would need to travel far, submit to extraordinary vetting, and pay huge fees. The process seemed so daunting that we considered, if only briefly, contacting a breeder. Then, we found that Second Chance Animal Rescue, here on the Island, had a new batch of kitties, three of which captured our hearts. We filled out an application, were interviewed, and eventually we were invited to meet the little rascals whose pictures had been so captivating. 

Fast-forward two months, and we are over the moon in love with our three little imps. Like all of our shelter pets in the past, they came with some complications. Not surprising. After all, they came from shelters hundreds of miles from here, spent much time crowded with others, then traveled hours with other pets before reaching Kym Cyr’s facility and ultimately our house. For our first few weeks, there were veterinary visits and medication administration, and much fretting on our parts.

Throughout the process of bringing them to full health, they brought joy to our lives, and now as strong and healthy young kitties, they have unleashed a delightful chaos into our household. Our despair at thinking we would not find kitties has been replaced with such delight. They wake us with the dawn and keep us busy with their antics throughout the day. Without Kym Cyr’s shelter, we might still be looking and hoping. We send our heartfelt thanks to Kym and her volunteers. Their hard work has brightened our lives! 

Deborah Wells and Ted Jochsberger
West Tisbury