Students shine at this year’s Art of Conservation exhibit


In 2014, the Vineyard Conservation Society launched an art contest to encourage Island high school students to deepen their connections with nature through their artistic skills and talents. According to a press release from VCS, with the support of teachers from MVRHS and the Charter School, the Art of Conservation contest has grown over the years, bringing into the fold more diverse media, creative writing and poetry, music, and most recently, the contributions of middle school students as well.

The Art of Conservation is a creative space for students to contemplate and respond to environmental issues and inspirations. “In doing so, they explore a meeting ground of critical thinking and art, and gain insight into the power of imagery to express their ideas or even catalyze social change,” the release says. “An image is worth a thousand words, but the process of creation could be worth even more: the inspiration, reflection, discussion, and above all, dedication shared by a generation who will inherit these natural wonders and the existential challenges they face.”

The full list of awarded students is below.

First Place, High School: Reece McCracken, Shaun Thomas, Parker Bradlee
VCS Staff Pick: Jessie Dlabaj
Special Distinction, Middle School: Mathilda Moehnke 
Special Photo Noted, High School: Emily Weyl

High School: Visual Arts

First Place
Caleb Burt — ceramic
Olivia MacPherson — animated short
Parker Bradlee — photography
Shaun Thomas — photography
Reese McCracken — photography

Special Distinction
Kiera McCarthy — ceramic
Maria Frangos — ceramic
Kamar Dehaney — painting
Noah Jones — photography
Mya O’Neill — photography
Kimberly Marques — photography
Clare Mone — photography

VCS Staff Picks
Silas Abrams — ceramic
Margaret Sykes — photography
Jessie Dlabaj — photography


First Place 
Harding Eville — essay

Special Distinction
Amity Harris — poetry

Middle School: Visual Arts

First Place
River Maxner — drawing

Special Distinction
Mathilda Moehnke — drawing