Childhood doesn’t wait


To the Editor:
I want all to understand that another pause, on any basis, will continue to expose our children to asbestos, lead, and a failed school without the scale footage needed to meet educational needs or a campus that is ADA compliant.

You are my neighbors and I respect our disagreements and differing points of view.
This upcoming vote on June 22nd is not about design differences anymore but rather it is about a 91-year-old failed building and Tisbury is the only town on the Island that doesn’t meet the basic needs of ALL of its students.

Let’s turn our attention to raising $15 million in the next 3 years as a single community. There are state, local and private funds we can raise. We can cut the cost and protect our residents living on fixed incomes, reduce what we borrow and be proud of what we’ve done together for the betterment of Tisbury and the entire Island.

If I have learned anything in traveling our country and the world working for children these past 30 years it is that for a child, their childhood is now. I will VOTE yes on the 22nd and I urge everyone to come out and vote!

Len Morris