Tisbury: Island traffic

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone. And it’s okay to let your children see your tears.

The Tisbury voters are wonderful. They make me proud, not only supporting a new, improved school but the mechanisms to make it work out well. I hope you did your part.

Will Beach Road be more accessible in July? We can only hope so. Between the big trucks and the heavy plates in the road, it has been barely passable.

The Vineyard Haven library is doing well, keeping everyone safe, wearing masks and staying well apart. It is fun to be able to browse the new books and see what looks like a good choice. Although I must admit I think I read most everything written by any of the authors I enjoy.

I am still happier to wear a mask in enclosed spaces with many others. My problem is that you never know if the ones not wearing a mask were vaccinated or are simply selfish, not caring if they protect themselves or others.

My vision issues have meant I am temporarily limited to large print — at least until I have some minor adjustments made. I found it annoying to discover the film inserted in my eyes after cataract surgery has clouded over, requiring some special attention. I never even realized it was put there.

The whole town is opening up. Our world is coming back, slowly but surely.

I’m getting braver. I really enjoyed eating out, but I was relieved the place wasn’t crowded. I still feel a bit tentative entering any place without a mask on. Though it is really lovely to see your friends’ smiles. Smiles always make everyone feel good.

Here we are nearly at the end of June and wondering if the Island may sink if any more cars arrive. We actually had a young woman visiting years ago who asked that very question. Hearing this the other day brought back those old memories, though I’m not at all sure our guest believed we knew what we were talking about when we said that it couldn’t happen. She was so sure we were living on a floating island.

As we get used to summer traffic, I fondly remember Phil Craig’s complaint about the traffic at the Edgartown Road intersection with State Road. Crossing that can be an exciting adventure at certain times of day. It makes a difference that Island drivers often back off and give you a chance.

If you’ve got children or grandchildren visiting, they may like to know the YMCA is hiring lifeguards. The Y will train the kids, age 16 and up, and pay them. And they also get free Y membership while employees. Adults looking for an evening job should know that the Y pool is open until 9 pm.

I admit I’d always rather be at the beach and getting a little sun. There is just something so special about being by the ocean in any season of the year.

Big bunches of birthday balloon wishes go out tomorrow to Jack O’Callaghan. Nancy Cryer parties on Saturday. Happy birthday to Leslie Craven on Sunday. Monday belongs to Emma Kristal.

Heard on Main Street: Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

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