Brought back memories


To the Editor:

Having lived in the Lucy Stone House, so labeled and built in the early 1800s in Montclair, N.J., our home for 25 years until moving here, the “fictionalized” report by Jack Shea was of special interest. It seemed quite true-to-life to me, as I’ve read and own books about her, and been friends of descendants of her Oberlin College classmate, who also spent time on the Vineyard. Alice Stone Blackwell, her only child, lived here. Lucy came and stayed at the lighthouse in Aquinnah. Yes, she annoyed some with her lectures, and it isn’t well-known compared to some she didn’t keep copies of her talks for years. It’s fascinating to read of her and her marriage to one who respected equality, and of her connection then to the Blackwell doctors. 


Leigh Smith
Vineyard Haven