VaxMillions Giveaway is now open


On Thursday, the Massachusetts VaxMillions Giveaway lottery opened to the public for all who are 12 years and older who are permanent residents of Massachusetts and fully vaccinated. Only one entry is allowed per individual, and these can be submitted through August 20. For adults, there is an opportunity for one of five $1 million prizes. Children and minors have an opportunity to win one of five $300,000 scholarship grants in a 529 savings plan managed by the Massachusetts Educational Financing Authority. There will be one drawing per week from July 27 until August 27. Children and minors do not need a parent or guardian to fill out the entry form, but will need to provide the contact information of a parent or guardian. The winner will be decided through a random number generator system. Verification will be done by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health by checking vaccine records. A vaccination card or some other type of identification method may be asked for.

The Times has previously covered the VaxMillions Giveaway in more detail, which can be found here. Those who want to enter the VaxMillions lottery can do so at