Habekost appointed interim Tisbury chief

Chris Habekost shakes select board member Roy Cutrer's hand after being unanimously appointed. — Brian Dowd

The Tisbury select board unanimously appointed Christopher Habekost as acting interim police chief at an in-person meeting Wednesday. 

The board had few questions, and instead praised Habekost for his character and professionalism. Habekost was appointed for a six-month term.

Select board chair Jeff Kristal said Habekost has the vast support of the board, town hall employees, and members of the police department. “You have a style that the men and women of the department are deserving of, one the select board is deserving of, and one the town is deserving of,” Kristal said. “You’re honest, you have integrity, you’ve been with the department for a long time.”

Select board member Larry Gomez said the police department has gotten bad press lately, but only due to issues spanning back 30 years. He said those issues end today. “I’m very pleased with the selection,” Gomez said. “If there’s anything we need to do to make your position work out better, let us know. We’ll do what we can to help you.”

Town administrator Jay Grande also praised Habekost.

Grande asked that once Habekost is settled into the position, he work with the board to put in place an interim lieutenant.

The board also placed former Police Chief Mark Saloio on paid leave in good standing until the end of his term on Nov. 5.

The room broke into applause for Habekost after he was officially sworn in by the administrative secretary to the town clerk’s office, Joanna Jernegan.

After being sworn in, Habekost read a statement of thanks to his fellow officers, the citizens of Tisbury, the select board, and his family: “Thank you, everyone.”

The Tisbury select board posted the special meeting for Wednesday with only one agenda item, the appointment of Habekost.


  1. I’m sure the selectmen will be very helpful, as long as Habekost helps them with their special interests. What has selectman Gomez been smoking? The departments issues spanning thirty years are going to end tonight??? Seriously, maybe Gomez should start waving a broom around declaring victory like former president Bush (the second one)! You don’t fix thirty years of institutional malfunction by promoting from within, you get rid of the common denominators (those who have been there) and start fresh, you can’t just spray new car scent in a broke down roach coach.
    I’m sure the police department will continue to keep giving us wonderful gifts, such as tax payer funded settlements and strange lawsuits! Isn’t the newly promoted shiny clean new acting chief the one who initiated the ‘cover up’ of Chief Barfy by having Officer Gobble drive him away from the scene of the crime? Yup, same team playing folks! Gomez get your facts straight before you speak.

    • Tisbury Police middle management needs to be GUTTED.

      And they say they want to appoint a Lieutenant?!

      Let’s not pretend we don’t know which TPD thug will get tapped for that, to rule the roost at TPD HQ, in the Northeastern quadrant of the town.

      It’s time to take these tinpot tyrants in hand, and destroy the upward career arc of some bad, bad actors.

      Buh-Bye, now! Enjoy Florida!

    • Chief Barfy and Officer Gobble, lol. You should be paid for writing great comments!

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