Edgartown opens commercial shellfish season


The Edgartown select board approved the commercial shellfishing season in Edgartown Great Pond at the board’s meeting Monday.

The area open is south of Swan Neck. The closure line is from the base of Swan Neck East across the pond to the southern dip of Slough Cove, as designated by the shellfish department.

There are daily limits of two level, 10-gallon wash baskets, and a weekly limit of not more than six level, 10-gallon wash baskets, including shells. The weekly limit is determined Monday through Friday.

Harvest is allowed from 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday, with the season ending on Sept. 6. All other shellfish rules and regulations apply.

“The weekly limit is new; it allows fishermen discretion over which days of the week to fish based on weather and market conditions,” a letter from shellfish constable Paul Bagnall states. “We expect turnout to be light, with two to six people participating. The shellfish department will monitor the catch and areas fished, with monthly updates (July and August) reported to the shellfish committee.”