Iyanough litigation ends


Litigation between the Steamship Authority and passengers who were aboard the Iyanough when it crashed into a jetty has come to an end. The Iyanough, a Massachusetts-built high-speed catamaran that serves the Hyannis-Nantucket route, struck the Hyannis Harbor breakwater June 16, 2017, during its final run of the night. Per a report, the U.S. Coast Guard found the Iyanough was traveling at 32 knots in foul weather when it hit the stone breakwater and went hard aground on it. The impact damaged all three hulls of the vessel, and sent 15 people to the hospital. Among the causes of the crash, the Coast Guard found the Iyanough’s captain assisted the pilot with a spotlight and became distracted. The Coast Guard also found the captain misread radar images.

In a brief statement to The Times, SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll indicated the suit had settled: “We are gratified that the matter has come to a conclusion and that settlements have been reached for all involved parties.”

The amounts of the settlements were not disclosed.