Harvest of the Month: Summer Squash


“Don’t leave your car unlocked in July — someone might fill it with zucchini.” When summer squash is in season, it’s really in season. You won’t be able to get away from it, and you might find yourself looking for ways to include summer squash in recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner just to get rid of it. Luckily there are so many creative uses, you can eat squash all summer long without getting bored. 

Four of the types of summer squash you’re mostly likely to find on Martha’s Vineyard are zucchini, yellow squash, crookneck, and patty pan. It can be tempting to buy the largest, fattest squash you can find, but these are often seedier and less flavorful than small ones. My new favorite way to prepare zucchini is to use it as an alternative to pasta — use a knife or mandoline to cut it into thin, spaghetti-like strips, then boil for five minutes and mix with pesto or a little butter and Parmesan. (If it’s too hot to even think about turning your stove on, you can eat your “zoodles” raw, too). Shredded summer squash can be mixed with other shredded or finely chopped veggies like cabbage, carrots, and kale, bound together with an egg and a little flour, and fried on the stove top to make into vegetable fritters. You can also make delicious zucchini bread or muffins, or use cut up squash in kabobs along with your favorite meat and fish. 

Summer Squash Noodles 
Recipe by Robin Forte 
1 lb. summer squash or zucchini 
Vegetable peeler 
¼ cup fresh herbs of your choice, chopped
2 Tbsp. olive oil 
Holding the squash lengthwise, cut strips or “noodles” with the vegetable peeler, toss with salt and pepper, herbs, and olive oil.