Child injured by truck in Aquinnah


A child was pinned under a pickup truck Wednesday morning in Aquinnah after being struck by it. Neighbors were able to jack the pickup off the child before first responders arrived, Aquinnah Fire Chief Simon Bollin told The Times.

Bollin said he responded with Deputy Fire Chief Gordon Perry. Aquinnah Police, Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah (Gay Head) rangers, Chilmark Police and Tri-Town Ambulance also responded. The child was taken to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and was subsequently transferred to a Boston hospital. 

Chief Bollin commended the swift action the neighbors took.

“Their quick thinking helped the situation,” Chief Bollin messaged.

Chief Bollin thanked all the first responders for their work.

“We truly hope for a fast recovery of the child,’ he messaged.

In a social media post Thursday, a parent of the child also thanked first responders for their work and described the event as “something a parent should never have to go through.”

The cause of the accident remains unclear. Aquinnah Police Chief Randhi Belain couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. 


  1. “Something a parent should never have to go through”?
    With no circumstances published of this incident to inform readers, can I suggest we spare a thought for the child and amend the quote to “Something a child should never have to go through.”
    My best wishes for the child’s recovery.

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