Poet’s Corner


By Lucas Thors

Kick off your Birkenstocks
as you dance down a well-traveled trail
a shimmering shoreline comes into view.
The rolling beach break is a shifting mirror for the sky to gaze upon — a sea glass factory
with the softest jewels gradually forming like diamonds in the earth.

Down the slim spit of sand along rainbow-colored clay cliffside,
invisible ink footprints fade like echoes in a yawning valley.
Evidence of each fevered step, slowly washed away with the rising tide.
A distance down the beach, a fugitive backward glance reveals
traces of your journey wiped from the sloping canvas.

The ocean swallows the shoreline in steady gulps,
lapping up sparkles of sediment.
A ship sounds its melancholic horn as it crosses the morning horizon.
At the mouth of the harbor, wakes born from spinning rotors travel til they meet land,
and the two embrace with whirling enthusiasm.

Footprints formed from a sprint
while chasing the pup who adeptly slipped his leash
are effaced by sloshing surf.
With each ocean lullaby, evidence of memory making blurs
until all that’s left is to gather up sandals and souvenirs, and call it a day.

Lucas Thors is a news reporter and features writer for the MV Times. 

Poets with a connection to Martha’s Vineyard are encouraged to submit poems to Poet’s Corner curator Laura Roosevelt at ldroosevelt@gmail.com