Grant helps women seek offshore wind careers


ACE MV received a competitive grant from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

to boost diversity in its offshore wind education program.

“ACE MV will receive $182,260 to increase the participation of girls and women on Martha’s Vineyard in offshore wind, renewable energy, and STEM training and careers, according to a release.

ACE MV has been actively training prospective offshore wind technicians for work in the emerging wind farms off the New England, including Vineyard Wind 1. Vineyard-based technicians are expected to travel to offshore wind farms from an operations and maintenance facility planned for Vineyard Haven Harbor. 

“We have launched two cohorts of students through our partnership with Bristol Community College,” ACE MV executive director Holly Bellebuono said through a release. “Our intent is to welcome more girls and women into our educational programming because we believe that these talented individuals who are interested in or already employed in sciences, trades, automotive, marine, and technical careers, will excel in this new industry. We want girls and women on Martha’s Vineyard to see offshore wind and renewable energy careers as exciting, accessible, safe, achievable, and rewarding. We also want offshore wind employers to view women as valuable experts, essential colleagues, and leaders in the offshore wind and renewable energy industries.”