Fewer COVID cases reported

Number of Delta variant cases remains at 4.

nicole jackson

The number of COVID-19 cases dropped last week to 10 overall and the number of cases testing positive for the more contagious Delta variant remains at four, according to a report issued Monday by the Island boards of health for the period of July 18-24.

Nine of the positive results were reported by Martha’s Vineyard Hospital and one was reported at TestMV. Of the 10 cases, all of them were symptomatic. Six were fully vaccinated and four were unvaccinated.

The previous week there were 16 cases and so far in July there have been 31 positive test results.

According to the report, four of the cases tested positive for the Delta variant and two more are being tested with the results pending. “Not all cases are tested for the variants,” according to the report.

Four of last week’s positive results were in children 10 and younger — one case was in the 20-29 age group, four were 40-59, and one was a person over 70.

Last week’s results bring the total number of positive results to 1,619 since the pandemic began in March of 2020 with 1,537 confirmed by testing. Of those cases 799 are males and 748 are females.

Later in the day Monday, Maura Valley, the spokesperson for the Island boards of health, issued an update. On Sunday, there were three new positive results (one at the hospital and two at other providers), as well as one probable case. On Monday, the hospital reported one new case and there was one positive test at TestMV making for six cases in the first two days of this week.

The hospital has administered 27,555 vaccine doses — 13,709 first doses and 13,856 second doses.

As of July 24, the hospital has administered a total of 21,200 COVID tests. Of those, 1,115 are positives and 20,077 are negatives. 

The TestMV site has administered a total of 39,456 COVID tests. Of those, 377 are positives, 38,911 are negatives, and 168 are pending results. 

The town of Aquinnah has administered 456 tests, with two positive results.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has reported a total of 14 positive cases of COVID-19.

There were 18 positive tests reported at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools, from a total of 16,122 tested. 

Due to how tests are conducted, there can be a discrepancy between the number of positive individuals and the number of positive tests reported.

The Island has reported nine COVID clusters, including an October wedding (eight cases), Cronig’s Market (19 cases), a Bible study group (11 cases), M.V. Hospital (five cases), Project Headway (four cases), King’s barbershop (eight cases), Shirley’s Hardware (all six staff), the Barn Bowl & Bistro (nine cases), and Cardboard Box (three). A cluster is defined as more than two people from different families or households with a shared source of infection.


  1. Today the CDC suggested vaccinated people wear masks in certain situations. That action by the CDC will cause more confusion and doubt as to the efficacy of the vaccine. No wonder many people do not trust the CDC or other government institutions who have flip flopped for more than one year.

  2. Andy– I guess you think it would be better to just continue to call it “a little flu” even after more than 600,000 Americans have died from it and millions more are suffering debilitating long term effects from it ?
    Should we continue to say that variants are not a concern ?
    Should we continue to cherry pick statistics and continue to argue that only overweight elderly people get this — as if they don’t matter —
    Things change , Andrew–
    We wouldn’t be having this discussion if we didn’t have ignorant fools refusing to get vaccinated because they believe people like you and your ilk.
    I am wearing a mask again whenever I go into a store, because of people like you Andrew– You are smart enough to get vaccinated yourself, but prey upon the willfully ignorant to advance your political narrative.
    Note that the CDC has always recommended getting a vaccination.
    You say you are pro life– For once in your life, you should encourage ignorant people to do the right thing. But you refuse to ever admit that you were wrong on so many levels with this one, and continue to lead the undereducated straight into the hell of an ICU ward with a ventilator stuffed down their throats while they slowly suffocate.
    Shame on you.

  3. The Moderna & Pfizer vaccines cannot 100% prevent you from getting Covid 19 but they have a >90% track record of preventing you from hospitalization and/or death. Unfortunately this virus did not come with a playbook and the CDC is extrapolating data, on the fly, and making the best recommendations they can based on science. It is a shame that more people did not get the vaccine when it was offered. By staying unvaccinated you give the virus, that needs a human host to spread, a vehicle to continue to proliferate, potentially further mutate, and continue to be a health risk globally. Those of you that haven’t gotten the vaccine, please reconsider the benefits to you and others around you, and get vaccinated.

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