Toxic algae closes part of Squibnocket Pond 

Notice of harmful algae bloom in Squibnocket Pond. — courtesy Great Pond Foundation

The Chilmark Board of Health has closed part of Squibnocket Pond and posted a warning sign at the boat launch because of elevated levels of toxic cyanobacteria, aka blue-green algae. 

Chilmark Health Agent Marina Lent told The Times she was tipped off by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission that something may be amiss in a section of the pond. Lent said she took a sample and brought it to the Great Point Foundation for analysis. The sample showed elevated concentrations of algae known to be toxic to people and pets, she said. In light of that, the area around the Squibnocket Bridge and the boat launch is off limits to swimming, wading, kayaking, pets, fishing, and drinking. The same area is closed to shellfishing due to elevated fecal coliform levels, Chilmark Shellfish Constable Isaiah Scheffer said.