Dog lost, then found in kitchen cabinet

Luna was thought lost in Oak Bluffs, but was found asleep in a kitchen cabinet. Courtesy Oak Bluffs Animal Control

On Friday, a black French bulldog named Luna was reported missing in the Pacific Avenue area in Oak Bluffs. Lauren Knowles Hall, Luna’s owner, made a Facebook post on the group Islanders Talk on Friday Morning requesting help searching for her dog. Knowles reported Luna’s absence to Oak Bluffs Animal Control and the department made a post on their Facebook page asking for the public to be on the lookout for Luna’s whereabouts. 

Kelly Stafford of Oak Bluffs Animal Control told the Times Luna was in Knowles house the whole time.

A couple of hours after the initial posts, Knowles Hall made another post updating Islanders Talk of Luna’s status. “She climbed in a kitchen cabinet and fell asleep. The cabinet must have shut, and we did not hear her. Holy Smokes!” she said in the post. “Thank you to everyone who looked.”


  1. This is one advantage of living with an 80-pound malamute: there’s no cupboard, nook, or cranny in my apartment where he could possibly get lost. Glad to hear Luna is safe and sound!

    • If you can’t find him during a heavy snowstorm, look outside. He may be disguised as a snow-covered shrub in the yard!

  2. Finally… A dog story with a happy ending. This is the type of story we always used to see in the Vineyard papers before the age of vitriol set in. I miss it. Thanks, Luna!

  3. It would have been appropriate for the Tisbury Police to get a search warrant for that cupboard which hid Luna so successfully.
    That missing dept-issued Glock 9mm may well be deep in its recesses.

    • Ok James, we get it, you got a honey of an issue with the TPD, but can you please keep your comments about it to articles that actually have something to do with the TPD?

  4. There was also the puppy rescued from the water by a lifeguard. It’s the dog days of summer.

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