COVID cases jumped to 24 last week

Illumination Night to be scaled back amid COVID concerns.

COVID cases showed an uptick over the previous week. -Nicole Jackson

Updated August 4

Martha’s Vineyard saw a jump in COVID-19 cases last week with the boards of health reporting 24 new cases between July 25 and July 31.

Additionally in the past four days there have been 19 cases — three on Sunday, eight on Monday, three on Tuesday, and five on Wednesday.

Of the 24 cases, 15 were reported at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, six at TestMV, one at the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah), and two from an off-Island provider.

Ten of the new cases were reported in fully vaccinated individuals, one was partially vaccinated, and 11 were unvaccinated. In two instances, the vaccination status was unknown. Of the 24 cases, 19 were symptomatic, three were asymptomatic, and two were unknown.

Six of the new cases were people in their 50s and four in their 20s, and at least one case in all other age categories.

Only four cases out of six samples have been tested for the Delta COVID variant. Two of the samples came back with indeterminate results.

In an email to The Times, boards of health spokesperson and Tisbury health agent Maura Valley said the boards of health have only issued an advisory for indoor mask use.

Last week’s results bring the total number of confirmed positive results to 1,561 since the pandemic began in March of 2020. Of those cases 799 are males, 761 are females, and one is nonbinary.

The hospital has administered 33,000 vaccine doses — 19,827 first doses and 13,927 second doses.

As of July 30, the hospital has administered a total of 21,863 COVID tests. Of those, 1,125 are positives and 20,728 are negatives. 

The TestMV site has administered a total of 39,821 COVID tests. Of those, 383 are positives, 38,257 are negatives, and 181 are pending results. 

The town of Aquinnah reported a new case last week. The town has administered 556 tests, with three positive results.

The Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) has reported a total of 15 positive cases of COVID-19.

There were 18 positive tests reported at the Martha’s Vineyard Public Schools, from a total of 16,122 tested. 

Due to how tests are conducted, there can be a discrepancy between the number of positive individuals and the number of positive tests reported.

The Island has reported nine COVID clusters, including an October wedding (eight cases), Cronig’s Market (19 cases), a Bible study group (11 cases), M.V. Hospital (five cases), Project Headway (four cases), King’s barbershop (eight cases), Shirley’s Hardware (all six staff), the Barn Bowl & Bistro (nine cases), and Cardboard Box (three). A cluster is defined as more than two people from different families or households with a shared source of infection.

Meanwhile, the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association has scaled back its Grand Illumination Night events due to COVID related concerns. 

“Due to COVID-related concerns, this year there will be a modified/scaled-back celebration. There will be no program or lighting of the first lantern at the Tabernacle this year,” a post on the Meeting Association’s website states.

Additionally due to COVID fewer cottages will be decorated. The event will still be held on August 18 and lanterns will be lit at 8 pm.

Visitors are welcome, but anyone walking through the campground is asked to wear a mask.


Updated to include cases over the last four days. — Ed.


  1. We now have the lambda variant, more resistant to our current vaccines. Mutations will make the situation worse for everyone, thanks to the unvaccinated. Anyone who can be vaccinated but refuses, should be shunned and barred from restaurants, stores, theaters, gyms, all public places where people gather. I won’t even get take-out now from a restaurant that doesn’t require proof of vaccination to dine indoors. I will not support any place of business that does not protect its customers and employees. And our over-crowded hospitals should refuse to treat unvaccinated covid patients. I am sick of all the stories of these pathetic, selfish, covid spreading jerks on oxygen in the hospital saying how wrong they were and how they wished they’d been vaccinated. Too little, too late. It is people like this who have ruined the lives, the welfare, and finances of so many good Americans who have acted responsibly throughout this pandemic.

    And with the rising cases of young children on ventilators, let’s hear from an idiot who claims this latest variant is a scare tactic to impinge on “freedoms”. I dare anyone to make that idiotic claim now.

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