Edgartown: Broadway in the Park

— Shelby Regan

As I sit down to write this today, Sunday, it has been a worrisome day, with news of a significant traffic accident earlier but no details yet. This follows an accident at Norton Point on Saturday, as well as several other emergencies in the past few weeks. The medflight goes over my house on its typical path to and from the hospital and it has been busy lately. My thoughts go out to everyone involved in all of these emergencies. It’s terribly scary. There are a lot of people here. That alone will cause emergency situations to increase, I’m sure. But folks are also worn out and tired from COVID, working long hours, crowds, stress, and traffic, and goodness knows what else. It probably adds to the risk factor. Here’s to a safe August ahead. Fingers crossed.

Saturday, August 7, from 9 am until 2 pm is the annual MVCMA Craft Show at the Tabernacle. You will find some wonderful crafts at this fun event, including hand-knit items, crochet, pottery, origami, and jewelry. Two years ago, I purchased some necklaces made by some of the kids in the Campgrounds, as well as two gorgeous handmade ponchos, that I receive many compliments on whenever I wear them.

Island Theatre Workshop and company are finding their way out of COVID seclusion and offering a live, outdoor salute to 25 years of Broadway Musicals Sunday, August 22, at 3 pm and 6:30 pm and on Monday, August 23, at 6:30 pm. Performances are outdoors on the lawn at the Whaling Church. Advance tickets are available at itwtickets.org. Seating is limited, so get your tickets soon. For details, call Kevin Ryan at 508-627-2456.

Tomorrow, Monday, is my first full day off in July. I work nights as security in the Campgrounds and have been doing summer school as well so between the two, I haven’t had a full day off in a month. I’m giddy with excitement. But I also have a ton to do so it’s a mixed blessing. How do you spend days off in the summer? Do you catch up on “stuff”? Do you head to the beach? I’m hoping to clean and get back to painting the trim on my house that I started painting last year.

Congratulations to all who ran in the Amity Island Running Club 5K and Fun Run this morning. What a treat to have in-person races happening again, though I am a true fan of virtual races. I am not a “group” runner and always do very poorly in them so virtual is my jam, as kids say today. I want to send a special shout out to Evelyn LaVigne, a rising fifth grader at the Edgartown School and daughter of Curtis and Valerie LaVigne. Evelyn gets up two mornings a week to run at 6:30 with running zealot and Edgartown School teacher, Megan McDonald. Evelyn finished the race in an impressive 26 minutes and change, just a hair in front of her dad. This kid is a dynamo. Keep your eye on her. She’s definitely one to take the world by storm.

Congratulations to Justin Donahue and Caleb Enos on their graduations this weekend from Bridgewater State University. Ceremonies were held at Gillette Stadium. Justin is the son of Annemarie and Terry Donahue and Caleb is the son of Donna and Bob Enos. Well done, gentlemen.

Happy birthday wishes go out this week to Pete Lambos on August 2, Sandy Paasche, Rebecca Tattersall, and my favorite sister, Pam Gardner, on August 5. Greg Pattison, Colette Fischer, Tom Sullivan, Kay Pugh on August 6, and Molly Baldino on August 7.

Camp Jabberwocky is holding a virtual and in-person 5K race on August 21. Virtual races can be run anytime between August 19 and August 23. All proceeds benefit Camp Jabberwocky, the longest-running summer camp for people with disabilities, and the best summer camp on Martha’s Vineyard, according to M.V. Magazine. Jabberwocky is free for all participants, so your donations give the campers the most magical summers ever. Visit their website, runforjabberwocky, for more details and to register. For any individuals or businesses interested in sponsoring the race, please visit runforjabberwocky.org, or e-mail roadrace@campjabberwocky.org for more information.

COVID numbers are again on the rise, with 24 cases in the last week. I’ve begun to mask up again when I’m inside stores and such, per CDC recommendations. Please, whether you are vaccinated or not, wear your masks when inside, for your health and for the health of others. Sure, it’s kind of a drag but it beats getting sick. Or worse. Remember, we are all still in this together.

As I finish this week’s column up on Monday, I’ve once again seen news of a significant car accident on the West Tisbury Road, not far from yesterday’s accident. It’s getting quite frightening. There are just so many cars on this Island. Everyone seems to be in a hurry, passing other cars at high speed, sliding through stop signs without actually stopping, pulling into traffic with little time or space between them and another vehicle, or looking at phones. Please be careful out there.

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