Meyers has crowd laughing out loud

Fundraiser remembers DJ Henry.

Seth Meyers performed Thursday night at the Tabernacle for DJ Henry Fund — Nicolas Ruderman

Seth Meyers hosted the DJ Henry Dream Fund event Thursday night. The “Comedy for a cause” event at the Tabernacle in Oak Bluffs was held in memory of African American Danroy Henry who was shot and killed by a police officer in New York.

The proceeds from Thursday’s show went to Island youth organizations.

Angela Henry, Henry’s mother, was very excited to see the crowd that showed up for the fundraiser. “We expect 1,300 people tonight,” she said. “We are passing out masks and sanitizer for people that need it,” added the mother. 

At 7:30, the evening began with a video presentation of the DJ Henry fund. The organization focuses on the importance of sports for children. Dan Henry, DJ’s father, gave the opening speech. He was grateful to the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association for having the event at the Tabernacle. After introducing family members and volunteers who were given a standing ovation by the crowd, Henry expressed gratitude toward the Island’s chiefs of police who attended to show their support. “Thank you all for coming, this Island is our community, it is our home,” he said.

Meyers introduced special guest Amy Schumer, another comedian with ties to the Vineyard, who warmed up the crowd with her humor. After laughing out loud at Schumer’s performance, the Late Night Host and seasonal resident of Martha’s Vineyard took the stage. 

Meyers’ jokes touched on Martha’s Vineyard like “parking on Circuit Avenue,” the “Edgartown crowd,” and “seasonals” who do not live on the Island year-round. Meyers also joked about COVID-19 and the toll the crisis has taken on us all. “If you want to criticize Simon Biles, you better do a backflip,” he joked, touching on the Olympic athlete who took a break from competition because of mental health issues.

As the show ended, people were smiling as they left the Tabernacle.

Dan Henry was saluted by many individuals as they departed. “We live in a very special place,” Henry said. “The Island community of which we are a part of is very special and this is an example of why we and so many other people love Martha’s Vineyard.”