Weekend reservation glitch remedied, SSA says.

The Steamship Authority reservation system proved glitchy recently. — Rich Saltzberg

Many Steamship Authority ticketholders who tried to change their reservations over the weekend were frustrated when the ferry line’s website wouldn’t let them do so. 

The SSA suffered a glitch “affecting reservations changes August 6 to August 8,” according to SSA spokesman Sean Driscoll. Driscoll wrote that the glitch “occurred after some back-end updates were made to the website.” Driscoll was unable to provide greater detail except to state the glitch “has been resolved.”

In an August 9 post to the Facebook group Islanders Talk, the SSA offered another explanation — a creature from mid-20th century folklore blamed for inexplicable aviation malfunctions was said to be expelled from an SSA system. 

“We received several reports over the weekend of issues with changing reservations online at steamshipauthority.com,” the SSA posted. “That gremlin has been chased out of our system, so changing existing reservations through the website should be working as expected. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.”