What will the select board do?


To the Editor:

The vaccination ball is in the West Tisbury select board’s court now! At its meeting of August 12, the West Tisbury board of health (BOH) unanimously voted to require that all town employees be vaccinated. If an employee refuses, but does not select one of two exemptions (medical or religious issues), what will happen? Will they be sent home, fired, or even slapped on the wrist? 

According to BOH agent Omar Johnson, the select board, on advice of town counsel, must make that decision. 

Mr. Johnson, prior to asking the BOH members to vote, said that “the town of West Tisbury should be  making a statement about the importance of vaccinations.” 

What will the select board do at its next meeting? When last the issue of vaccinations was before the select board, it deferred to the BOH. Now the BOH has spoken. Will the select board choose to govern, to show leadership? We can do better.

Susan Silk
West Tisbury