Real Estate Transactions: August 9 – 13, 2021



August 10, Melanie C. Wells sold 0 Black Point Beach Lot to Robert Donohue, trustee of Sagamore Avenue Realty Trust, for $435,000.


August 13, Barbara S. M. Dreesmann, Barbara Goldberg-Dreesman, and Barbara S. M. Goldberg sold 14 Peases Point Way South to George M. Locarno, trustee of 14 Peases Point Way South Trust, for $7,650,000.

August 13, Kathleen Maestas sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 451 Week 36 to James F. Bailey and Helyn M. Bailey for $1,000 as joint tenants.

August 13, Kathleen Maestas and Mary Brodin sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 405 week 35 to James F. Brady and Colleen A. Brady for $11,000 as joint tenants.

Oak Bluffs

August 11, Ezequiel Lacerda sold 127 Manchester Ave. to Francisco Valadares Gomes Silva for $258,750.

August 12, Robert C. Righter, individual and trustee of Righter Family Trust, sold 32 June Ave. to Mara Flanagan and Kevin Warner for $1,335,000.


August 9, Andrew W. Berry and Peyton W. Berry sold 144 Main St. to Steven C. Bonsley and Elisabeth Keller for $2,350,000.

August 9, S. Fain Hackney sold 319 Main St. to Elizabeth H. McBride for $750,000.

August 11, Flits Mooring LLC sold 36 Vincents Way to Carlene Gatting for $2,650,000.

August 11, Jennifer Lynn Bettencourt, Daniel Michael Medeiros, and Denise Marie Smith sold 95 Daggett Ave. to Arthur V. Shannon III and Sarah D. Shannon for $857,500.

August 11, Dudley H. Willis Jr. and Heather Willis sold 0 Main St. to Gustall LLC for $750,000.

West Tisbury

August 10, Samuel Kingsbury Millet sold 2 State Road to Cynthia G. Wansiewicz, trustee of Squidward Nominee Trust, for $210,000.

August 11, Raymond I. Stockwell Jr., personal representative of the Estate of Alfred L. Cummings, Richard H. Wright Jr., Nancy Brideau, Joyce Viera, Christine Morrow, Christine Beard, Nancie E. Stockwell, Patricia Travers, Linda Magnuson Hearn, and Carl Magnuson, sold 47 Lamberts Cove Road to Jason Gale and Natasha Hartmann for $597,000.