Dark days indeed


To the Editor:

It’s a sad day when our 535 elected federal officials are controlled by corporate lobbyists. We must constantly sue our federal government to maintain even a fighting chance for our home, our blue marble, about to be washed over from the climate change wave. Indeed I think Ansel Adams said many years ago, “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” But I digress.

We live on Storybook Island, where the population cares and is proactive. I was overjoyed several years ago when the children fought and brought to light our Island’s fascination with single-use plastics. As a small Island microcosm, we had a chance to make local changes for the better. Local laws were passed, and we were on our way to a cleaner, greener, less plastic Island. Kudos to the kids! We also have the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, an organization tasked with keeping the Island quaint and green. Superpowers for sure in the fight against the fossil fuel industry’s endless wave of plastics and petrochemicals that will be here for hundreds of years after our caring souls are long gone. But wait!

And then, once again, my Island world is rocked. A couple of wealthy lobbyists suggested we put a five-ton (10,000 pounds) plastic playing field on top of our sole-source aquifer (What could go wrong?], and that our kids would have a better sports experience. The dilemma was started, and the battle lines were drawn. What do those kids know anyway? 

Our elected commissioners finally got their day and vote, and imagine that, they got more ayes than nayes and badda bing, badda boom, Martha gets a plastic toupee. I say, Wow. We don’t deserve this Island when we behave this way. Please save our souls! SOS Martha.

David Caseau
Vineyard Haven