There are legitimate reasons not to vaccinate


To the Editor:

On August 19, the following letter ran in the Times: “Unvaccinated should not call for help.”

“If you refuse to get vaccinated for whatever wrong reason, and get COVID, please do not call the hospital. Rather, call Lenny at Chapman Funeral Home, and make an appointment.”

Wishing death on others, calling for denial of medical assistance, and making a public joke of death are in my opinion vulgar, hateful sentiments that disrespect all those actually suffering from COVID-19 — the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Regarding “for whatever wrong reason,” there are a number of reasons for not accepting synthetic mRNA inoculations, including medical and religious. They are not “wrong.”

I have asked a few friends what they thought of this letter, and they were shocked. One friend, a health practitioner, exclaimed incredulously, “What? That was published in The Times?”

Katherine Scott