Patience, after the storm

Waiting for the wind. -Lisa Stout

After a week with no races because of too much wind and weather commotion, Thursday, August 26, brought an end to the waiting game with perfect light air conditions for the 10 boats that came out to race. A 10-knot southwest breeze was a refreshing relief after a very sultry day onshore, and the finish was tight except for the swiftest and the slowest. 

Steve Besse was first across the line sailing his J 120, Apres, completing the 3.7-mile triangle in just 41 minutes, nine minutes faster than the next finisher. After correcting the times for handicaps, Angelina, an Alerion 28 sailed by John Stout, came in first, and Mo Flam’s Alerion, Penelope, grabbed second compasses as well as being second across the line. Third place was taken by Gloria, a C&C 24 skippered by Roger Becker. The eight boats in the middle category all finished within a ten-minute window in elapsed time. Five 12½s raced as well on Thursday. Phil Hale took line honors with Whirlwind, and Stuart Halpert’s Providence was second, while Charlie Felder and Tanya Zouikin brought Bazinga into the third position. 

Sunday was a different story, calling once again for patience as the race was postponed twice to wait for signs of a breeze from any direction at all. Finally, after everyone drifted around Nun 6 in the harbor for 40 minutes, the barest whisper made an appearance from the east, and while not exactly “off to the races,” a start was made, and patience was rewarded. At the end of the first (tedious) leg to the West Chop mark, an actual wind filled in to around nine knots, but it was extremely changeable, requiring close attention to the sails as it flitted around the compass. The flooding tide helped on the third (slow) leg back into the harbor, as East Chop interfered with what breeze there was. Ten boats finished of 11 starters. Penelope continued to show the way by coming in first on both elapsed and corrected time. Penelope seems to be able to detect and use the faintest suggestion of wind when no one else can. Magic. Julia Lee, Woody Bowman’s catboat, was second, and Angelina was third. Only two more races for HHSA 2021 season. 

Registration continues for the Moffett Race, to be held on Sept. 11. The deadline is midnight of Sept. 7. It’s always a great way to end the season, so get onboard!