Poet’s Corner


By Warren Woessner

Pine sap in my hair,
sun in my face,
Steve joking, pointing out the peaks
above me on the ridge
I couldn’t quite climb.
Still, the stream
Far below my boots
is a bright ribbon
tying up the basin like a present
I can still open.
Chickadee and siskin have songs
not too high to hear,
and if I can’t make it
all the way up,
I can still find a good way down.

Warren Woessner has authored six collections of poetry including most recently, “Exit ~ Sky” (Holy Cow! Press) and “Clear All the Rest of the Way” (Univ. of Nebraska Press) in which “Seventy” first appeared. He is a patent attorney and an avid birder who splits his time between Martha’s Vineyard and Minneapolis.

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