Real Estate Transactions: August 23 – 27, 2021



August 23, Jonathan Chatinover and Elizabeth O’Connor sold 74 Mattakesett Way to John E. McDermott for $2,300,000.

August 24, David Malm sold 5 Field Club Drive to Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of 5FCD Realty Trust for $2,200,000.

August 24, Hanspeter Goeckel and Judith Patricia Pfeiffer, trustees of Goeckel-Pfeiffer Realty Trust, and Gina H. Goings sold 91 Slough Cove Road to Williams C. Goings for $2,490,000.

August 25, Estate of James V. Wyman, Estate of Viola M. Wyman, Estate of Viola Marie Wyman, and Carolyn Wyman sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 456 Week 41 to Brad Guyton and Allison Guyton for $500.

August 26, Donna Holst Kascak, Michael S. Kascak, and Richard G. Kascak Jr. sold 236 Chappaquiddick Road to William McCauley and Lynne-Marie Sinnott for $700,000.

August 27, David Edward Rehm sold 0 Harborside Inn Condo Unit 505 Week 21 to Geoffrey Tragemann for $6,500.

Oak Bluffs

August 24, Meghan L. Nicholson sold 91 Forest Avenue to Viktoriya Fedossenko and Ranieli Ferreira Freitas for $875,000.


August 23, Lorraine L. Parish sold 65 State Road to Lisa P. Rubin for $965,000.

August 27, Rochelle D. Bloom and Paul N. Bloom sold 145 Franklin Terrace to Christopher Newton and Cathryn Newton for $1,225,000.

August 27, Karen A. Murphy and Karen A. McBride sold 19 Andrews Road to the Estate of Clark Warren McBride and Eugene Leonard for $400,000.

West Tisbury

August 24, Ellen M. Diamond, Richard B. Diamond, and Batya M. Diamond sold 170 Waldrons Bottom Road to Natalie Penicaud Volcko for $1,300,000.