Tisbury: Cautionary tale

— Kyra Steck

I need to tell you something important. I had a security incident two weeks ago. Things are improving, but, without my home computer working, I wanted to share what we should all know. My trauma began with what was supposedly an auto call from Amazon. According to police and others, this is happening a lot all over the country.

Afterwards, I was warned by Tisbury Police Officer Herrer — and the bank and my kids — who said, “Do not EVER respond to a call with an automated voice. Do not press One or say anything at all. Just hang up.”

That was my mistake. I have a new bank account. A number of concerns remain as to how much the data in my computer has been compromised. So let this also be a warning to any of my email correspondents to ignore any unusual emails saying I need you to help me fix any kind of problem. Ignore it — or get in touch directly.

If I had planned to put something in the Times for you, it is gone. And I have no birthdays or bits of humor to share. At least not for a while.

I do want to wish a special happy birthday to Denise Wilson.

And I hope to be back with you all soon.

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