Caron, Carroll earn ice accolades


Two collegiate skaters from the Martha’s Vineyard Figure Skating Club ended their summer on the ice on a high note. 

Sally Caron, a junior at Fairfield University and 2019 graduate of MVRHS, passed her Junior Ladies Freestyle test. The Junior level is the penultimate test in all skating disciplines offered by U.S. Figure Skating (USFS). To become a Junior Lady, Caron landed five different double jumps and executed three different spins, as well as an intricate footwork step sequence in a choreographed 3-minute, 30-second program. 

Caron chose to skate to selections from the movie “La La Land.” Caron is already a USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field (2018) and Solo Free Dance (2019). 

“She hopes to earn her third gold medal before graduating from Fairfield in 2023,” coach Jane Elizabeth Taylor wrote in a press release.

Caron told The Times she chose music from “La La Land” that Ashley Wagner, one of her favorite figure skaters, skated to in 2019. 

“Training for it was a lot,” Caron said. “But toward the end of the summer, it all clicked.”

Molly Carroll, a sophomore at Denver University and a 2020 graduate of MVRHS, passed her first Pre-Bronze Solo Pattern Ice Dance.

“Molly is the pioneer in ice dance at the MV Ice Arena, with this being the fourth ice dance she has passed. Her dance test involved a set pattern and steps to a specific beat of music that needed to be practiced repetitiously,” Taylor wrote in the release.

The music she skated to was the Cha-Cha, and the judges celebrated her strong knee bend, personality, and flair on the ice. Carroll is a member of the DU Collegiate Figure Skating Team, and she is looking forward to competing in intercollegiate competitions this school year, as well as finishing her Pre-Bronze Ice Dances this winter. Carroll could not immediately be reached for comment.