Oak Bluffs approves additional lead testing

Town leaders approved additional testing at East Chop Lighthouse. — Rich Saltzberg

The Oak Bluffs select board approved a request for additional lead testing at East Chop Lighthouse.

“The main area of concern is where the previous lighthouse keeper’s house was, and the shed,” town health agent Meegan Lancaster told the board Tuesday.

The area is to the right when facing the lighthouse from the street, and stretches from the street back to the shrubbery and up to the property line, encompassing 6,500 square feet.

The board approved a $3,400 testing option which spaces samples close to every 200 square feet. The testing will take 24 samples, using hand tools, from zero to 12 inches. Those samples would then be sent for laboratory analysis and a report.

“If there were questions where we found elevated levels, we could go back and retest areas to refine the area,” she said.

Lancaster added the board of health can cover the cost of the testing. She said the mitigation is the real question, because they won’t know what they will find.