Real Estate Transactions: Sept. 6 – 10, 2021



Sept. 9, Sean P. Gildea sold 53 Wequobsque Road to Ari A. Lurie for $3,290,000.

Sept. 10, Timothy A. Eaton, trustee of Timothy A. Eaton Revocable Trust, sold 129 Old Farm Road to Robert G. Barrett, trustee of Robert G. Barrett Trust, for $2,660,300.

Sept. 10, Timothy A. Eaton sold 139 Old Farm Road to Robert G. Barrett, trustee of Robert G. Barrett Trust for $494700.


Sept. 8, Mary Lou Golding, trustee of Mary Lou Golding Revocable Trust Agreement, sold 37 School St. to Michael M. Smith and Janine Smith for $2,000,000.

Sept. 8, Jonathan Chatinover and Elizabeth O’Connor sold 76 Mattakesett Way to Kevin J. Sullivan and Mary C. Jordan for $2,300,000.

Sept. 8, Arch Building & Home Development LLC sold 37 Plain Field Road to Christopher D. Charles and Meghan C. Charles for $3,007,000.

Sept. 10, Ruth E. Foland sold 17 Edgartown Meadows Road to Henry Neilley and Donna Neilley for $750,000.

Sept. 10, Ann Colvin sold 10 Brushy Lane to Carol Steinen Gayman, trustee of Carol Steinen Garyman Trust, for $1,153,000.

Sept. 10, Troy A. Canham and Susan C. Canham sold 36 Holly Bear Lane to George S. Hawkins and Natalie W. Hawkins for $1,200,000.

Sept. 10, Kathryn R. Ham, trustee of Kinmonth-Bartlett Realty Trust, sold 12 Trapps Pond Road to Christopher Soverns for $2,800,000.


Sept. 7, Joseph Zenga and Margaret Zenga, trustees of Sandpiper Lane Realty Trust, sold 208 Sandpiper Lane, Unit 12, to Mary Lou Rita Piland for $800,000.