Tisbury: West Chop loop

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: “Everyone is ignorant, only in different subjects.”  –Will Rogers

The Vineyard Haven library invites you to join in the virtual annual 5K Walk/Run to the Chop to benefit the library. This year there is no fee — though they hope you will donate to benefit their programs. It is a virtual event, because you have until the end of the month to run or walk the loop from the library to the West Chop light and back. Call or email the address below to register. All registrants will be put in a drawing for a Bunch of Grapes gift card. So have fun — and take the kids.

The V.H. library is now hosting an outdoor Chess Club in the Courtyard, for all ages and all abilities. Call or email. This is being done along with the Chilmark library. Anne McDonough says that last week they had so much fun at Chess Club that it is now scheduled for this Saturday, Sept. 18, at Vineyard Haven for 4 pm in the courtyard.

You can also join a Zoom meeting to talk about books you’ve read and enjoyed. This meets on Tuesday, Sept. 14, at 6 in the evening.

And — this is even better if you’d like to take a walk — there will be an opportunity to walk to the Chop and talk about books in the late afternoon on a Wednesday. This would also qualify you for the 5K Run/Walk! To register for any of these or for more information, call 696-4211 or email amcdonough@clamsnet.org.

As I mentioned last week, I was enjoying a book called “A Place Like Home.” It was so good I went back and read it again — and enjoyed it very much. It has been a long time since I remember doing that.

Is it really possible that it was all those visitors who went home over Labor Day who were crowding our roads so badly? I have to admit I have gotten into the habit of trying to get things done during the early morning hours. But it seemed even those times could be so crowded on the roads.

It makes sense that so many businesses were very busy, though I also appreciate that the COVID numbers have gone down as well. Let’s hope we can get this COVID-19 done with, even if it takes another year. Everyone is tired of it. But we probably have to keep masks handy for a while yet.

Just over a year ago, someone loudly declared in a shop that she did not have to wear a mask and no one could make her. I do hope she left the Island. Most of the folks I’ve seen, even this summer, were being careful to try not to make anyone sick.

This month it has been nice to see some familiar faces who haven’t been around for a year or two. I still find it amazing how so many masked faces are familiar anyway.

I did hear that wearing a mask around your home is highly recommended. This is not to prevent disease, but to help you stop eating so much.

The Louisa Gould Gallery has just announced the “Martha’s Vineyard Annual Maritime Show: Surf and Sail.” All works are at the gallery, open 10:30 to 5:30, or online at louisagould.com. I can tell you I’ve seen some of these online, and they are amazing. There was a write-up on this in The Times on Sept. 9.

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