Phra Luang wins 2021 Gaff Rig Regatta 


The 33rd annual Pat West Gaff Rig Regatta race witnessed Phra Luang as Saturday’s winner in the schooner division. Maybe Baby came out on top as the winner in the non-schooner division. 

Brad Abbott, a partner at Gannon & Benjamin Marine Railway, told The Times that there was a nice breeze when the race started in Eastville, but it slowly died down as the boats passed the sound in Edgartown. The skippers of these boats had to use the tides to race their boats past Falmouth. 

On the 15.5-mile course, various types of schooners and rigs raced the Vineyard’s waters. Abbott said a handicap system was put in place for the race to “even things out.” This allowed smaller boats to be competitive against larger boats. The results shown here will be the corrected time after the handicap calculations have been implemented, rather than the elapsed times. 

There were 25 boats entered in the race — 11 schooners and 14 non-schooners. Abbott said sloops made up the majority of rigs in the non-schooner division. 

In the schooner division, Phra Luang raced in first with 152.65 minutes. Malabar II sailed in second with a time of 161.25 minutes. Juno zipped in third with a finish of 165.2 minutes. 

In the non-schooner division, Maybe Baby came in first with 144.7 minutes. Lisca followed through with a 151.6-minute record. Lucky Duck sailed in with a finish of 159.5 minutes.

The Gaff Rig Regatta is the last major race for the season, but unofficial Holmes Hole Sailing Association races will continue until “people stop showing up” on Thursdays at 4 pm and Sundays at 1 pm. 


  1. I wonder why the MV Times does not mention the captains of these lovely, graceful schooners? Congratulations to Jeff Robinson of Phra Luang! May the sailboat races on Vineyard Haven harbor and the sound continue for many years. Louisa Gould’s photos are beautiful.

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