Tisbury: Steamship ports

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.” —Charles Schulz
Yes, I still desperately miss my computer — it has all my recipes, not to mention those little bits that you enjoy called Heard on Main Street. As well as all your birthdays. And my address book and phone numbers, and it surely seems that it contains all of my life. The current rumors are that I may retrieve some of that data in another couple of weeks.

It never changes. Steamship passengers have to stay alert in September. It always seems that too many trips have to be moved back to Vineyard Haven during this month every year from Oak Bluffs. Trips at certain times of the year should remain here in this protected port, where they belong.

I’m not sure why anyone should be surprised that the SSA passenger canopies in Woods Hole are leaking. We’ve had so much rain that marking tape made for use on boat decks has come loose on my back deck, which I assure you is in the woods, not on the shore. Must be really huge waves doing it.

There is good news from all that rain. The town has been cleaning out drains all over town so perhaps they will work a little better the next time it rains.

Now that Beach Road isn’t flooded, of course, the state construction work is back on the roadway, and it may be done by this time next year. Maybe COVID-19 will be done by then too. We can only hope.

We can’t blame the continuing high COVID numbers on our summer visitors. The numbers are still high and staying up there. What are you doing to help? Keep wearing masks and stay a distance from even your best friend. He or she’s the last one you want to cause to get sick.

So far the school kids seem to be doing well — and so very happy to be back at school. The kids don’t seem to have much problem wearing masks. I know my grandchildren said they were even forgetting to take them off when they got home from school last spring.

Lovely oil paintings by Island artist Marston Clough are now featured in the Vineyard Haven Library on the lower level Art Wall. And this is now accessible to the public from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Friday as well as 1 to 5 pm on Saturday. His art reflects year ‘round life on the Island — and does it well.

There’s a good reason to be glad we aren’t near South Beach. The awful jellyfish called Portuguese man o’ war seem to be enjoying it now.

I’d send big bunches of balloon wishes for a very happy birthday to Kathy Ivory on the 27th, but she’d rather have a card from you, sent to her at P.O. Box 1665, Vineyard Haven, MA 02568.

Heard on Main Street: “Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It’s already tomorrow in Australia.” —Charles Schulz

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