Tisbury Police investigating vandalized vehicles

Tisbury police are investigating a string of vandalized vehicles. — Brian Dowd

Tisbury Police are investigating a string of vehicles that were vandalized in the area of Five Corners and downtown Vineyard Haven. 

Officer Nick Sidoti told The Times police are asking anyone who has discovered vehicle damage in the area or has any information to contact the police station. So far, the police are aware of three vehicles that have been damaged, but believe there may be more. The vehicles were believed to be vandalized between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning. 

“Anything from minor to major damage,” Sidoti said of the damage to the vehicles. “We are actively investigating.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the police station at 508-696-4240 or the communications center at 508-693-1212.


  1. Isn’t there a camera located at the busiest intersection on the island? If not, there should be! That way the police could do their job and monitor the footage to catch the vandal. That’s what they get paid for with the taxpayers money right? Why are they asking the people that pay their salary to do their job?

    • chill Yolanda— we do not live in a surveillance state. The article says “in the area” around 5 corners. That could cover a pretty wide area. While I would speculate that most vandalism is caused by kids, they just might be smart enough to look for cameras. They are pretty easy to spot, and well they should be,

      The security of our community is the responsibility of everyone in the community. You know, like “see something say something”. For the police to ask the community to share information about something like this is quite reasonable and well within the parameters of their job description.
      Sure– they could put a camera on every corner, and watch every house, but
      I for one do not want to live in a dystopian society such as the one that George Orwell described in his book “1884”.
      I would much rather the community co operate with the police than to be dominated by them.

      And by the way, having a camera record the actions of the vandals does not insure positive identification. Especially at night.

    • Yolanda,

      They aren’t asking people to do their jobs for them. In fact, if you read the article, they aren’t doing that at all. They are asking people if their vehicles have been damaged to come forward. Slow down, breathe, it is always usually never good to jump to conclusions.

  2. It’s common practice for police departments to reach out to the public for information regarding a crime, or crimes, that have occurred and not been directly witnessed by the officers. I am wondering if the webcam from the MV Times building would help? More than likely it would help if the streets in Vineyard Haven weren’t so dark!

      • The high-quality 5 Corners Webcam that is on YouTube has a twelve-hour recording loop, as are other live camera locations including Menemsha Harbor, VH Steamship ferry Cam, and VH Harbor cam that the GOMV channel posts.

    • Good point. Now that you mention it, the streets in VH are exceptionally dark in comparison to the other towns.

  3. Will Kistral be firing the Chief for cause?
    Will he appoint himself as the interim Chief?
    Until he can head up the Chief search committee?

    • Oh please they are paying two Chief salaries right now… one to Sgt. Habekost as acting chief and one to Solongio, who is galavanting around florida after quitting early… it’s another double dip krystal special!

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