All together now at Ladyfest 2021

Female-driven festival brought the best music with the best intentions.


It was a bright evening, with enough of a chill to require a sweater, last Saturday night for Ladyfest 2021 on Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. The street was blocked off and filled with revelers, all happy to donate to M.V. Community Services’ Connect to End Violence program. This was the fifth year for the nonprofit party, with Rose Guerin and Kelly Feirtag coming up with the initial plan for Ladyfest in 2017.

The lineup of local musicians included Siren Mayhew McMahon with Hosanna, Jemima James, Kate Taylor, and Guerin together, as well as Barbarama, fronted by Barbara Puciul, Serendipity, and many more, as well as the great Island Hip Hop group, who wowed the audience with their dancing.

Organizers say that it’s too early for totals, but Saturday’s turnout should provide a positive outcome for Connect to End Violence.