A wok in the park

A simple stir-fry that might just be your new favorite meal.


I love a good stir-fry; what I don’t love is coming out of the store with an armful of bags and an empty wallet. I find myself lured into putting about every veggie from canned baby corn to broccoli in the stir-fry, and end up chopping forever. It makes more leftovers than a single girl can enjoy. But that is a recipe for another article. For this dish, I chose to focus on something less tedious and time-consuming, and more financially friendly. It has become my new favorite meal.

Jasmine rice, broccoli, canned pineapple, Chinese sausages, Sweet Baby Ray’s Sweet Teriyaki sauce. Simple, divine, simply divine.

If you haven’t had Chinese sausage, they’re made of pork, fat, and some questionable additives to give them a bright pink color. If you’re not feeling adventurous enough to try these sweet sausages, you could always substitute your choice of protein.

I start with the rice, 1.5 parts water to 1 part rice. I don’t have measuring cups, so I use a repurposed jelly jar. Start by boiling the water. Once it reaches a boil, add the rice and return to a simmer. The rice is done when I think to myself, “Oh, crap. I forgot about the rice,” which translates to about 20 minutes.

I put the sausages into the skillet, and cook them on medium heat while I chop up the broccoli, and add it in with a splash of vegetable oil, or olive oil.

To plate the meal, I put the rice in my bowl, along with chopped pineapple, and drizzle the delicious store-bought teriyaki sauce over it. I remove the sausages (careful, they are hot!) and slice them into pieces. Top the rice with those, along with the sautéed broccoli, and voilà, a basic, flavorful meal that might become your favorite too.