Oak Bluffs Police arrest man in stabbing incident

New Jersey man charged.

Police are investigating a stabbing in Oak Bluffs late Saturday night.

Updated 1:50 pm 

Oak Bluffs Police arrested a New Jersey man for allegedly stabbing a woman in the hand in downtown Oak Bluffs late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

Speaking to The Times Monday morning, Sgt. Michael Marchand told The Times police arrested Mike Moran, 33. The incident occurred around 12:30 am between the Ritz and Giordano’s Restaurant on Circuit Avenue. Marchand said the victim was stabbed with a knife.

“A male party stabbed a female party in the hand, and the male party — his name was Mike Moran, 33, out of New Jersey — he was arrested,” Marchand said. “The female victim, she’s an Island girl, was transported to an off-Island facility via MedFlight.”

Moran is being charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (knife), carrying a dangerous weapon (brass knuckles), disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

“This is still an active investigation,” Marchand said.

Updated to correct Mark Moran’s name.  —Ed.


  1. Here is what I do. When I see any crime or potential crime I alert the police. I know most of us do not want to get involved, but that same criminal could harm you or your family member some day. Bust them all. Police do like a license plate or other ID if possible.

  2. So glad to see that our terrific police officers in all the towns are able to catch these thugs that are trying to change the fabric of our community. Hoping these incidents are an anomaly and do not foretell a troubling new trend on our beautiful island.

  3. I have said it many times– “I am a liberal” == “I support the police”

    Defunding them is insane–
    Shifting resources so that a social worker can show up at a domestic 9-11 call instead of a fully armed officer is a no brainer– And speaking of no brains– ignore those people who tell you liberals want to abolish police departments —
    Think about this– the young victim was airlifted to Boston for an injury to her hand….
    Seemingly, the police intervened very quickly– the next stab wound could have been in her neck. I see the police patrolling there.. I wonder what it cost– but now I know —it cost nothing compared to saving this woman’s life..

  4. lucky us. We live in MA. If this incident occurred in some other state , the perpetrator may have pulled out an assault weapon, and blown that B**** away, along with a few people behind her.. then , a few other heavily armed “true patriots” would have pulled out their Uzi’s to take down the “Antifa” thug, and blown away a few more innocent bystanders.
    Appreciate what we have here…

    • Robert, do you know why police receive calls for domestic violence? It’s virtually never the first incident of abuse. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 91% of female murder victims have been murdered by a man they know.

    • Assault weapons are a legal category. It essentially encapsulates legislators’ judgment about the efficiency of a given weapon for mass killing, specifically that it is too effective to be allowed to the general civilian populace. Gun nerds quibbling about equally arbitraty technical definitions and jargon is only of interest to other fetishists. Go argue about whether a clip is the same thing as a mag somewhere else.

  5. Alexis, any gun can be an efficient killing weapon… it all depends on the operator. I don’t understand how we use the term assault weapon when no one seems able to define what an assault weapon is. If you outlaw something there has to be a definition for law enforcement to enforce if something is legal or not.

    • I apologize to Times for the tangential discussion, but somehow I doubt that the Las Vegas shooter could rack up the same bodycount if they were equipped only with 1836 Colt Patersons. You and other gun fetishists continue to pretend that it is impossible to delineate boundaries or define classes of weapons for legal definitions, but this is purely because it is convenient to your weird pro-gun ideology that this be so. If Congress wants to define a class of weapons as “assault weapons” and regulate those, then the definition is what they say it is, ex cathedra, and that’s all that needs be said.

  6. Most crimes of violence against people involve knife or non-firearms weapons. It is sad that a woman was hurt by a lunatic, but that is the nature of violent crime. The hand is a bad target and flying her up to Bean Town is probably the best.

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