UPDATED: Beach Road work resumes


If you have business near the Five Corners end of Beach Road in Vineyard Haven, you’ll need to plan ahead. Contractors for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation were working on the sidewalk on the northern side of the road in the area of The Times building for most of the day.

Traffic backed up in both directions as only a single line of traffic was being allowed to pass through the area.

According to a spokeswoman for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Islanders will have to get used to the disruptions.

“MassDOT has resumed construction operations which were suspended on Beach Road during the peak summer tourist season,” Judith Reardon-Riley wrote in an email. “The work is scheduled to continue through the fall weather permitting, and includes roadway and drainage structure reconstruction operations, sidewalk construction, roadway milling and paving work. Please note that sidewalk construction operations began [Wednesday] on the harbor side of Beach Road and are anticipated to continue through the fall. These operations are weather dependent and subject to change without notice.”

Updated to include a response from MassDOT. -Ed.



  1. Note to the State Police Traffic flagger at 5 Corners: Parking more than 2 feet off the curb, Parking in the crosswalk, and parking in the wrong direction based on the lane of travel on Beach Road extension is not a winning strategy when parking correctly is so easily done. Rules are for thee and not for me?

  2. Hoping it’s possible that someone in a position of authority will notify the Mass. Department of Transportation that disruption of our main road to the ferry and the hospital “subject to change without notice” is not acceptable. We can live with disruption if we know it’s going to happen. But we need to know if an alternate route is needed to reach the hospital or ferry terminal. Is there a reason why they can’t, at a minimum, notify the police department and the SSA of the schedule and the changes as they occur?

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