Tisbury: Holidays and events

— Kyra Steck

Heard on Main Street: Spirits rise in the fall …

Everyone over 65 has the same question. How on earth will we ever get that booster shot? You get told to call the hospital. And they say: you have to make an appointment online. And then they say: no appointments available.

And what about the flu shot? I did get one last year and was very glad I did. I met Islanders of all ages who didn’t get it and suffered a nasty bout of something, so I blame it on the flu. Wouldn’t you? Maybe just the flu shot will do it.

My son diligently attempted to make my new computer more comfortable for me for over an hour this morning. But I am still wondering how I can make it more compatible with the way I think. Some things are not really possible in this world.

Do not dare remind me I am the one who messed up in the first place. Do remember not to respond to a robocall. Just hang up. If it is important, they will leave a message. But do not respond in any way.

I got a little tired last week of the weathermen saying it was going to get warmer. Even with the sun shining, it certainly never felt warm to me.

Did you enjoy the long weekend? Never did get out to the Wampanoag celebration with drumming and such. I don’t really remember any celebrations of Columbus Day. No, that’s not true. I remember one Columbus Day my husband and I were in Nova Scotia. That was the weekend everything closed down for the winter and many would head off for Florida. Somehow I never caught on to that idea.

Halloween is coming … but I am already getting told what is happening for Thanksgiving. It is still October, I think. Of course, my calendar is on September, so I don’t really know.

And the Steamship Authority is still diverting trips to Oak Bluffs. Why don’t they change that schedule to be logical? That happens every September, and it is October now. Isn’t it?

Are you a “Grantchester” fan? Well, I was. Not sure about this new season. Somehow it strikes a very discordant note. This angle is cruel and not at all what I enjoyed with past seasons. Must be me.

One thing I have discovered this second year of Covid: I used to get very timely email or phone calls about upcoming events. Well, some of them just plain aren’t happening anymore — or are maybe on hold. Then when one comes in, I can enjoy the thought and planning. But certainly cannot share it with you because they now only announce it a few days ahead.

Or they are telling some people because others know enough to get events sold out days ahead. I need to realize that I am obviously on the wrong list.

Just got a desperately needed haircut, but as usual it feels odd until I wash it. Does anyone else ever feel like that?

Suddenly, traveling on Beach Road has been a surprise; now much of it is all newly paved and traffic moves easily along. Even when there is a slight back up, traffic cones create room for two-way traffic as well as the needed repairs. You know that means that it will all be awful again, just because I said that.

Seems it should soon be time to see the delightful scarecrows appearing across the Island. Business people are doing us and the Charter School a favor by contributing funds so we can all enjoy it when these treasures appear each year.

It is time some of you began sending me some birthdays again. I was so happy to hear many of you were careful to send cards to Kathy Ivory. She was kind enough to share that news. We do forget what a difference it makes to let someone know we are thinking of them.

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