26 new COVID cases

nicole jackson

New COVID-19-positive test results leveled out last week with 26 new cases, including the first reported cases in Island public schools since school began in September.

Of the new cases, 21 were from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, one was from TestMV, and four were from the Martha’s Vineyard Public School system. Public health officials are following 24 of the cases, and two are no longer being followed.

Of the 26 positive results, 19 were vaccinated, five unvaccinated, and two had an unknown vaccination status. Of those, 18 had symptoms, two had no symptoms, and the symptoms of six were unknown.

The majority of new cases were people in their 30s, with eight cases, followed by people in their 70s, with six cases.

The Island saw a spike of 97 cases one week in the middle of August before a gradual decline to eight cases in September. Since then, cases have risen slightly.

There have been 10 new confirmed cases, all from the hospital, reported so far this week: two on Sunday, three on Monday, and five on Tuesday.


  1. Eight cases in September, and then “rising slightly” to 26..
    One thing I know about math is that a 225% increase in anything is not a “slight” increase.

    • Older people really need the boosters. It’s been more than 6 months for many since their last shot and older people do not have immune systems as strong as younger people. Young, healthy people with strong immune systems need to get vaxed to protect themselves from contracting covid and spreading it to those immune compromised people. We’ve had this information for a long time, and yet people seem surprised when they hear of vaxed people, especially old people, getting covid. The vaccine is not 100% but it prevents death and hospitalization among most of the population. Get vaxed!

    • Toni–many more people are vaccinated here than not.
      I can’t find reliable updated data but my guess is that a higher percentage of unvaxxed people are testing positive than vaxxed people.

  2. Our country lost Colin Powell today. He died of covid complications. He was 84, fully vaccinated, and had been treated for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that hampers the ability to fight infections. Get vaccinated to protect yourself and to help stop spreading to all those whose immune systems don’t work well, even when vaccinated.

  3. For those us who originally got the Moderna vax, we can not yet get any booster….. too much talk in DC and not enough action… Oddly, we are getting no further guidance on which variant is responsible for this large number of break through infections… Is it Delta on MV… or mu?

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