Edgartown creates energy survey


The Edgartown energy committee is conducting a survey of town residents to better understand their energy usage through a short questionnaire. 

The questionnaire takes five minutes to complete, and asks residents how they heat their homes and their water, what type of car they drive, and if they use solar panels on their home. 

“The idea here is to get some information so the committee can best assist residents in going all-electric,” energy committee chair Alan Strahler said.

At the annual town meeting in May, town voters endorsed achieving 100 percent electric and renewable power by 2040. The committee is putting together a five-year plan to achieve that goal. 

The questionnaire can be accessed by clicking here or by visiting edgartown-ma.us/home, scrolling down and clicking the news tab, and clicking on the energy committee questionnaire.

In other business, Christmas in Edgartown is celebrating its 40th year in style with several celebrations.

The Board of Trade is partnering with Harbor View Hotel to offer horse-drawn carriage rides on Dec. 10 and 11. The old-fashioned wooden lobster pot tree will be placed by the Yellow House instead of Memorial Wharf, as it undergoes construction.

On Dec. 11, Main Street will be closed to vehicles for a Christmas parade. Other celebrations will include holiday tree displays and lights. The Edgartown select board unanimously approved the events.

“We’re really excited for a big celebration,” Board of Trade executive director Erin Ready said. “A safe and moderate one, but we’re going to put a lot of emphasis behind that 40 years.”