Vineyard boat beaches on Nantucket 


The Oak Bluffs boat Poco Loco beached on Nantucket Saturday. A mayday was issued, but no injuries or pollution were reported, according to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Emma Fliszar. 

Police and the Nantucket harbormaster responded, Fliszar said. 

“They were taking on water about 50 yards from shore,” Petty Officer Briana Carter said. 

Carter said waves were washing over the side of the boat, and those same waves drove the vessel onto the sand. Two people were on the boat, she said. One, a female, got off somehow, while the other, a male, stayed aboard.

Coasties from Station Brant Point responded to the scene over land, as opposed to by boat, Carter said. 

Nantucket-based N-Magazine reported boat owner David Kadison had been Derby fishing with his daughter, and was returning to port when the autopilot malfunctioned.

The vessel didn’t appear to suffer damage. On Monday, it was docked at a private pier in Oak Bluffs Harbor. Kadison couldn’t immediately be reached for comment. The Nantucket harbormaster’s office didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment.