Fall art classes at Sense of Wonder


The Sense of Wonder Creations Studio announces its 31st year of continuing its educational programs, projects, and collaborations. Fall art classes will begin the week of Nov. 15 for four weeks this fall. Classes will continue again after the holiday vacation the week of Jan. 10 and will go through the spring.  

Curriculum includes exploring and discovering many mediums, creative projects, and art history. They will also teach drawing and painting skills. Some of the art mediums will include clay (hand and wheel), drawing, painting (watercolor, acrylics, oil pastels, dry pastels and more), sculpture, printmaking, papier mache, mask making, unusual special projects (from nature, real life, and students’ imaginations). 

Sense of Wonder will continue welcoming visiting artists throughout the year. Students have free time during the classes when they can make sculptures or creative projects with glue guns or other tools from the “stuff table.” Sense of Wonder is also a place where students are encouraged to explore their own ideas or concepts. There will be projects that reflect the nonprofit’s mission of helping to educate young people to appreciate cultural diversity, eradicate racism, care for the environment, and local and global community service.

Find more information and applications on the Sense of Wonder website, senseofwondercreations.org/art-classes or call 508-693-3142.