Sit tight


To the Editor:

There is one thing that I’ve experienced in all my 66 years of doctor visits that I’ve never understood, and it just happened again during my last visit. The thing didn’t really bother me much as a kid and as a young man, but as I grew older and physically less tolerant of needless discomfort, the thing has inspired me to finally speak up.

Here’s the thing:

When a patient is called in from the waiting room, they are put into a room, told to sit on a high examining table with no back support and feet-a-dangle, and then told that the doctor will be right with you. We all know that will not be the case. In these secondary waiting rooms, there are inevitably at least two fairly comfortable armchairs that the patient has to look at from his or her uncomfortable perch of torture. If in fact the doctor DID come right in, I would have no problem being perched up there like a moron, but we all know that never happens.

I actually DON’T have this problem anymore, because I don’t follow orders as well as I used to. I sit in one of the comfortable chairs until the doctor or nurse knocks and comes in. Why do they knock? What in the world could they imagine that you’re doing? Maybe they are just giving you a chance to jump up on the examining table?

I’m voicing my opinion in the hope that this draconian practice is changed in order to save future patients from years of unnecessary discomfort. Why don’t they just say, “Please sit in one of these comfortable chairs while you wait for the doctor. He should be right in.”


Peter Pfluger
Vineyard Haven