Tisbury: Booster shots

— Kyra Steck

I am sorry to hear Polly Renear died. She and Bob had been such good friends in so many ways. I first met Polly about 35 years ago when we moved back to the Island. I was still learning more about this wonderful place when I signed up for a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston for a special exhibit. She and I sat together on the bus — and she introduced me to many of the others on the trip. Several of us went to lunch when we arrived in Boston.

We then proceeded to the museum. I had begun the trip with two ferry tickets, two bus tickets, another ticket to enter the building and then another one to get into the special exhibit. I was confused so I handed the batch to the person at the door who promptly took one and tore it in half. Then she realized it wasn’t the right one. I was shocked that she had torn my return ferry ticket in half.

Polly assured me that it was okay and we could fix it when we got back to Woods Hole. I don’t remember the exhibit or much of the trip, but I do remember my new friend convincing the guy in the terminal that it was a mistake. He simply stapled the two pieces together and handed it back to me.

I have enjoyed knowing Polly for many years, but perhaps now you can understand how very sorry I am to not have her in my life anymore.

We are all cheering for Steve Bernier’s decision to keep Cronig’s Market locally owned and not part of an off-Island chain. It is a tribute to the history of the market as well as a real benefit to our Island.

Booster shots for Covid-19 are available — sometimes. Check the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital website and click on the yellow band at the top.

Flu shots are now available at many drug stores, including Vineyard Scripts and the Stop and Shop pharmacy in Edgartown.

An all-Island seasonal flu clinic will be open as a drive-through on Saturday, Oct. 23, from 9 am to 12 noon at the Oak Bluffs School. Drive directly to the school. Walkups can come; all vaccinations will be outside. Everyone over the age of 6 months is eligible. You will need to have filled in a registration form. These are available at town halls, libraries, and on town websites. They can also be found in English and Portuguese on the MV Times website.

Today the Vineyard Haven library offers an exciting program on Zoom about “The Sporting Events that Changed America,” which is hosted by sports author Martin Gitlin. The program features exciting videos of sporting events across the last century. Included are many people whose names everyone will remember, from Babe Ruth to Jesse Owens, Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs, and Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. All this at 7 pm on Thursday, Oct 21. For the link, email amcdonough@clamsnet.org.

I hope you haven’t forgotten that this is a very good time to make your donation to the Vineyard Haven Library Building Fund. Our library has always offered such good programs that the seating area has been overwhelmed. It is sad when people have to be turned away. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing any of their many programs should help get our library ready for more good programming. And now your donations are more important than ever because of the grant, which ends at the end of December.

Our library also offers reduced admission passes to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This year the passes are redeemable codes instead of paper tickets. Email vhpl_mail@clamsnet.org. Contact the library to receive your promo code by emailing vhpl_mail@clamsnet.org. They will email a promo code for up to two people (adult or children 7 to 17) with $10 admission per person (discounted from the regular general admission or special exhibition charges).

You may bring the email from the library with the promo code to reserve same-day tickets. You are encouraged to reserve tickets in advance as it will allow for easier admission into the museum when you arrive. (The library will provide instructions for redeeming your code online when they email your promo code.)

Tom Dresser has another Vineyard book in the works. His next book “Martha’s Vineyard in the American Revolution” will be published Nov. 29 . You can sign up now for an autographed copy, shipped as soon as they arrive. Leave a personal message or order at thomasdresser.com.

Heard on Main Street: What is worse than biting a candy bar and seeing a spider? Biting the candy bar and seeing half a spider. Happy Halloween.

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