Island marksmen get top honors

One of the steel eggs marksmen shot during the competition. — Richard Carlson

Members of the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club got top honors at the Monument Beach Sportsman’s Club steel egg shoot on Saturday.

Alex Lawson got first place, and Richard Carlson came in second for the .22LR rifle match, which is open to all shooters.

Once a month in the spring, summer, and fall, the Sportsman’s Club holds rifle range competitions where competitors shoot Tootsie Pops and pool cue chalks from various distances. Saturday’s competition was shooting yellow-painted steel eggs from 100 yards. 

Using .22 rifles and shooting scopes, Lawson shot 20 eggs with 22 bullets, and Carlson shot 20 eggs with 23 bullets.

Carlson told The Times several people didn’t show up because there were adverse crosswind conditions that day, but there were a total of 35 competitors. 

According to the Sportsman’s Club website, there are two .22LR Match divisions. Division 1 uses factory rifles that would have lightweight barrels and standard triggers, commonly used as a first gun to teach basic marksmanship. Division 2 uses factory barrels that have a heavy, match-grade barrel with lightweight match triggers and/or ergonomic stocks. This also includes Division1 rifles that have been modified with an upgrade.

Carlson said the competitions are fun, and there’s always room for people to join.

“At 100 yards, it’s hard to see any eggs without a scope,” Carlson told The Times in a text message.

Additionally, those who are interested in rifle shooting can contact the Martha’s Vineyard Rod and Gun Club at 508-627-3537.