Flu clinic administers all 400 shots

Islanders encouraged to protect themselves from influenza.


The all-Island seasonal flu clinic administered 400 flu vaccines Saturday at the Oak Bluffs School.

According to Edgartown health agent Matt Poole, the clinic was “very successful.” Only four cars were turned away at noon, when the drive-through clinic reached capacity.

“The configuration of the site worked well, and wait time was consistent and reasonable, with most people waiting in their cars for about 20 minutes,” Poole said in an email to The Times. “The entire three hours was steady, and all three vaccination bays were busy throughout the morning.”

There is not another local health clinic planned for flu shots, but Island Health Care and Conroy Apothecary are offering flu vaccines. Patients at the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital can sign up for flu shots via Patient Gateway, or by calling the hospital at 508-693-0410.

Speaking to The Times later by phone, Poole said he would encourage everyone to call or access local pharmacies and healthcare providers to get information on how to get a flu shot. He said it was still important to get the regular flu vaccine.

“Same as before the pandemic, and just like the COVID-19 vaccine, it reduces the severity of the illness,” he said of the flu shot. “You may still experience mild symptoms, but the likelihood of experiencing full-fledged influenza when you’re vaccinated is lowered.”

Poole said the clinic showed how health officials can adapt to different settings around the Island to offer flu shots.

“This is the first time we made use of that site, and we’ve had enough experience that we can adapt or mold from site to site,” Poole said. “We can stand up a clinic in many places.”



    • Hi, Martha — I did/will protect my 82-year-old self with healthy habits *and* a flu shot (as well as a booster anti-Covid shot), thanks.

    • Martha– you are absolutely correct. And the best way to do that is with a vaccine.
      That’s what vaccines do– They boost your own immune system.
      Putting crystals in water before you drink it, and eating onions only when the moon is waning is not going to help.
      But , eating well, sleeping well, getting exercise, not abusing drugs or alcohol and having “happy thoughts” as well keeping your weight down certainly can’t hurt your immune system.

    • Basing healthcare on ignorance and narcissism is what antivaxers do. If these people cared about reality and truth, they’d get vaccinated. But they don’t and they won’t. The selfishness of these people is mind boggling, never giving a thought to others with damaged immune systems, the elderly, and the very young. When these selfish people get the flu or covid and survive, but give it to others who won’t survive, that isn’t enough for these people to do the right thing. So tiring listening to the extraordinary me-me-me of antivaxers.

    • Martha, part of the reason good people get vaccinated is to protect not just themselves but those with damaged or lowered immunity. People can spread viruses even if they don’t get too sick. The narcissism of calling elderly and immune compromised people (and every vaxed person who wants to protect them) “sheeple” is disgusting. Never net a more self-absorbed group than our local antivaxers.

  1. Martha, if you did not get your information from Facebook/Fox you would know that each year presents a different strain of influenza and the flu shots have to be reformulated annually to produce immunity for that specific flu.

    Truth: Having had other types of influenza or viruses dose not “boost your immunity” to this year’s strain.

    Truth: It is not nice to call people names.

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