Powerful nor’easter predicted for Tuesday

The SSA has issued a travel alert ahead of Tuesday and Wednesday's storm. -George Brennan

A powerful coastal storm is being forecast for southern New England for Tuesday into Wednesday that could pack powerful and destructive winds, according to the National Weather Service. 

Dukes County is under a high wind warning as a result for Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday afternoon. Sustained winds of 25-35 mph are expected with gusts of 65 mph and higher, Bill Simpson, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Norton office, told The Times. Southern New England could get 2 to 3 inches of rain, perhaps more, he said. The storm could also produce coastal flooding.

The path of the storm is harder to predict than a tropical storm or hurricane, Simpson said. “It’s going to stall south of the Cape and loop around and then come north,” he said. The jet stream will determine how the storm loops back and that remains to be seen. “We have a pretty good idea,” he said.

The storm “will have the potential for significant impacts of significant rainfall and the potential for urban, poor drainage, river and stream flooding to flash flooding across all of Southern New England, damaging winds across Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island and minor coastal flooding across multiple high tide cycles across East Coastal Massachusetts, Cape Cod and the Islands,” the NWS reported.

Because there is significant foliage remaining on trees, there is the possibility of significant tree damage and, in turn, power outages, Simpson said.

Will there be ferry cancellations? “Absolutely,” Simpson predicted.

On Monday morning, the Steamship Authority issued a travel advisory for its customers.

“Service disruptions are possible as early as Tuesday morning for high-speed service on the Nantucket route and are likely starting late morning and early afternoon on both the Vineyard route and the Nantucket route,” the SSA alert states.


  1. Sounds like the weather we just had in San Francisco, except that we got over 4″ of rain in less than 24 hours, with wind gusts over 50mph in the city. We lost a couple of plants in our garden.

  2. Remember folks, one way to stay safe during this
    upcoming severe weather is to make sure you get vaccinated……or whatever vice president Biden said

  3. I just love the censorship on this page. Can’t say something if it doesn’t fit this Vineyard agenda. Another reason the MVTimes is failing and the Gazette is flourishing. This probably won’t be approved either.

  4. Mike– Don’t take it personally, Jackie and I both get censored quite a bit, and we are liberals. You can say plenty of things that don’t fit the “vineyard agenda” , whatever that means.
    You can even lie about most things.
    here is a bit of the policy here :
    No personal attacks, no name-calling, no ad hominem jabs, and no profanity (that includes well-known acronyms). Stay out of someone else’s religious beliefs. We also ask that your comments be made based on verifiable facts. If something is not easily verifiable, it will be deleted. We also reserve the right, as we always have, to turn off comments on a story if we find things are getting out of control, repetitive, or wandering off topic. Our policy of not allowing comments that dispute the existence of climate change and sea level rise, or who attempt to spread misinformation about COVID-19, remains in place. Established science is not debatable or helpful for an Island looking at its future survival.

  5. The MV times continues to take market share from the Gazette.
    They appeal to the whole Island, not just the Edgartown upper crust.
    The MV times is the paper of record for the whole Island.
    Please substantiate your claim that the MV Times is failing.

    “This probably won’t be approved either.”
    Did you by any chance also predict the loser of the 2020 Presidential election?

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